Who Are We?

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We are Ben and Heather Klein of Jacksonville, Florida.

We met during a cold winter night, almost eleven years ago, in December of 2000, at a mutual friend's house in Austin, Texas, for a holiday party. Our eyes locked from different sides of the room. We met up in the kitchen to load up our plates, and ended up talking the whole night about music, books, and smoked fish. It seemed that no one else was present at the party, and then there wasn't anyone else because we talked so long that we ended up being the last ones to leave!

Previously, upon walking two blocks from my parked car to my friend's house, I remember looking up at the clear night sky and seeing the twinkling stars thinking or feeling that something special was going to take place during the party.

When I walked in the front door someone was handing out tickets for a chance to win a door prize. Well, I didn't have the right number, but ended up with a better prize: my husband!

Ben, who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, had just completed his MBA from St. Edwards University. I was attending a community college with big plans for the future. I had not planned to date or be distracted by a love life. So, of course, we dated a year, got married, and then wanted to start a family!

The adoption

We have been pre-approved to adopt from China's Waiting Child Program. What this means, is that, we have been approved to adopt two girls above the age of 18 months with mild special needs. This program should not be confused with a healthy infant adoption, for children under the age of 18 months, that takes about six years to complete. There are more perspective parents vying for the "healthy" infants than the older special needs children. Because of China's higher standards of what constitutes a "healthy" child, more children fall into the special needs category by default. In some areas of China, some children with visible birthmarks are considered unlucky, and, therefore, "special needs". Other "special needs" that we, in the United States, do not consider a bid deal are being slightly cross-eyed, skin pigmentation differences, and albinism. About 90% of children in Chinese orphanages are over the age of 12 to 18 months. Many of these children would be considered healthy by U.S. standards. The program that we are participating in allows parents to adopt multiple children simultaneously. China recognizes the need to find families for these special children. The timeframe of placement for the Waiting Child Program is anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Our deadline to submit all of our documents is March 2, 2012.

Why do we say "Help Make The Impossible Possible"?

From our perspective, with all the paperwork, expenses and logistics, it seems like a daunting and impossible feat to accomplish bringing our girls home. It is our firm belief that it takes a community to foster a child's future. The children that are in the situation of needing a home, like our girls waiting for us in the ophanages of China, the prospect of finding a family seems impossible, especially measured against how many children are available. Being the fact that they are older with some special needs, most people want healthy newborns, while these children wait (and wait and wait) for their chance of a loving family to care for them, help them grow as individuals, and to give them a future. We are dedicating this website in our girls' honor so that we could offset some of the costs, therefore, they do not need to continue to wait. We understand about today's economy and we would not want people to give above what they feel comfortable. You may purchase an item in our online store or make a donation. No donation is too small and every donation helps and is greatly appreciated.

Adopting A Waiting Child

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